Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ hands-on: Top 5 features!

It's that time of year already and Samsung's newest Galaxy flagship has been revealed at the MWC, could this be Samsung's greatest phone yet? Let's do a quick rundown of the top five features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.
Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

The improved placement of the fingerprint reader, one of the biggest gripes people had with the Galaxy S8 was the awkward position of this rear mounted scanner, it was right up there next to the cameras sort of hard to reach and really easy to accidentally smudge a camera lens, but with Samsung's new design the fingerprint reader is right where it should be dead center below the camera, it should make the phone a lot easier to unlock.

The Galaxy S8 made a big splash last year with this tall dual curved AMOLED display, this year the Infinity display is back and even better just as before content spills over the curved edges giving an immersive experience, but now the bezels are even smaller.
Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Back

The Galaxy S9 will ship with either a Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 chipset both equally cutting edge, with the extra power under the hood the S9 is able to provide a lot of new features for example camera processing will be a lot better with improved noise reduction and faster camera readouts, the S9 will also be able to shoot a nice 60fps super slow-mo video, it has automatic motion detection too so you won't miss your shots, but that's not all, with AR Emojis the S9 uses machine learning to create a 3d avatar you based on the still picture you can then carry this digital version of yourself in your pocket to cherish.

It's not just the cameras processing that is different on the S9 while the sensor is the same there's now a variable aperture lens that can alternate between f 1 point 5 and F 2 point 4, Samsung says the wider aperture can allow up to 28 percent more light to come in making for nicer low-light shots. Another thing creating a lot of buzz is the secondary 12 megapixel telephoto camera making its debut on the Galaxy S series you should allow for lossless zoom and bokeh mode, but is strangely missing from the regular S9.

Last year's S8 had a bottom firing loudspeaker which was decent, but people miss a proper stereo setup, Samsung must have listened as the s9 brings full stereo speakers license from AKG by Harman, they are pretty loud and come with Dolby Atmos support for 3d audio.

So there you have it folks the top 5 features of the Galaxy S9 and 9 Plus, if you want to find out more stick around and check out a written hands on at


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