The Ostrich Pillow Mini Lets You Sleep Anywhere

As we get busier and busier as a general public, we're searching for more approaches to grab a little valuable rest from the day. That is an issue since, well, have you at any point had a go at thinking about your own particular hands? We didn't develop to rest that way. Yet, the Ostrich Pillow Mini is here to address this specific transformative imperfection.

A Place To Rest Your Head

As you may have speculated, the Ostrich Pillow Mini is a cushion, and in view of the somewhat… significant Ostrich Pillow, which you may recall as a cross between a neck support and a blunder. It was basically a contraption you put your entire head in, and had space for your hands to tuck in too. The Mini is… well, it's significantly less ridiculous.

Very much Armed For Sleep

The Ostrich Pillow Mini more looks like a broiler glove than its huge sibling. Which is something worth being thankful for, since strolling around with a stove glove on your arm looks significantly less silly. You simply slip it on your favored dozing arm, in a position that bodes well for you. It can go basically anyplace on your arm, from your elbow to your hand. At that point, rest your head, close your eyes, and get a snooze before the following caution, plane landing, or what have you.

Get Some ZZZs

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The Ostrich Pillow Mini is a somewhat more honorable approach to rest aroun, er, to rest wherever, and as a pleasant touch, you can even make it marginally individual; it comes in four hues. You should hand wash it with a specific end goal to keep it clean, particularly for your droolers out there (you know your identity.) Still, for huge numbers of us, having the capacity to rest wherever we go is worth $25, and support a Kickstarter.


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